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Shine a light on your sports venue. Increase exposure to local sports players and teams with an enhanced venue listing, online booking capabilities and marketing expertise.

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What is Floodlit?

Floodlit by MyLocalPitch shines a light on your sports venue by increasing exposure to local players and teams. Available times at your venue will be shown to MyLocalPitch users via the online booking calendar on your venue listing. Your availability will also be displayed in ‘Search by Time’ results, our industry-first search feature. This enables users to input the exact time and date they want to play, browse local availability and book online.

MyLocalPitch has helped over 1.5m people find somewhere to play sport to date and our marketing campaigns further promote MyLocalPitch Partner venues. Online bookings simplify the booking process which encourages new customers to book. Phone and email enquiries are also managed by the MyLocalPitch contact centre, taking the pressure off venue staff.

Why Floodlit?

Enhanced Venue Listings
Get a verified MyLocalPitch Partner listing on our website and app
Online Bookings
Display real time availability on MyLocalPitch website and app
Marketing Expertise
Benefit from MyLocalPitch marketing campaigns giving your venue increased exposure
Enhanced Venue Listings
Get a verified MyLocalPitch Partner listing on our website and app
Online Bookings
Display real time availability on MyLocalPitch website and app
Marketing Expertise
Benefit from MyLocalPitch marketing campaigns giving your venue increased exposure

How do Online Bookings Work?

Bookings Lite
Target specific slots to sell online without the need for full booking software.
Bookings Pro
Bring venue bookings online with our Bookings Pro software. Receive and manage online bookings with ease.
Already using booking software? No problem. We can plug into any existing booking software via our API.

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MyLocalPitch Partners

"MyLocalPitch are an extremely valuable partner for Better. They attract new business to our facilities, filling pitches and courts that would otherwise stand empty."

Aleksandra Chmielewska

"We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent experience for our customers. That is why we feel that MyLocalPitch and ourselves work so well, because they also strive to provide excellent customer service."

Charlie Gordon

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you might have some questions, well here are the answers...

What is MyLocalPitch?
MyLocalPitch is a specialist sports platform that provides a search and booking portal for sports facilities. MyLocalPitch operates alongside sports venues to better to promote their pitches, courts and sports halls, and simplify the booking process. MyLocalPitch works with sports facility operators of all types and sizes, ranging from local community centres and schools to major leisure operators, councils, and governing bodies.
What are the benefits of MyLocalPitch?
MyLocalPitch simplifies the booking process, increases participation, and maximises revenue at sports venues. Benefits of signing up with MyLocalPitch include featuring in search results alongside the UK & Ireland's largest sports providers, an increase in exposure through marketing, and promotion to our extensive database of active sports players.
Why should I bring my venue bookings online?
Providing online bookings allows venues to accept bookings without the hassle of answering enquiries by phone or email. A simple online booking journey for sports players eliminates enquiries for unavailable times, encourages new users, and promotes repeat use. MyLocalPitch partners that offer online booking calendars see a significant increase in booking conversions. Online bookings also allow bookings and payments to be facilitated 24/7.
Do MyLocalPitch offer online booking software?
MyLocalPitch provides online booking software to our partnered venues. In addition to facilitating online bookings and payments this software simplifies the management of bookings and its online booking calendars can be hosted on both MyLocalPitch and your venue's website for maximum exposure.
What is Bookings Lite?
Bookings Lite is the perfect software for venue managers who don't want to install a full bookings system but have available pitch or court availability they would like to sell online. The system allows for the simple upload of available slots for inclusion in our online booking calendars.
What is Bookings Pro?
Bookings Pro is an online booking software package offered by MyLocalPitch to its venue partners. In addition to facilitating online bookings and payments, Bookings Pro can be used to manage sports facility bookings. Online booking calendars can then be hosted on the MyLocalPitch website and app, as well as your venue's website.
I already have booking software, do I need to replace it?
MyLocalPitch's in-house developers specialise in booking software integrations meaning there's no requirement to change your software. This leads to an increase in exposure via hosted real-time booking calendars. All bookings made via these integrations are fully automated and sent directly into your existing booking system, preventing any additional workload for staff and maximising the opportunity for sports players to find and book your venue.
I want to avoid double bookings. How is this ensured?
Floodlit works alongside whatever software you use for bookings. This means that all availability comes from your centralised system so bookings can only be placed at times that have been marked as available, preventing double bookings that can arise from using multiple systems. Only slots that are marked as available are displayed as bookable online. You retain control of what is marked as available on your system meaning that you can list exactly what is available and what is already booked.
How will my venue be promoted?
In addition to featuring as a recommended venue listing on MyLocalPitch's search and booking portal, your venue will benefit from expert digital marketing. This will include professional venue photography of your facilities and inclusion in regular digital marketing campaigns to our database of sports players. MyLocalPitch's digital marketing team are experts in maximising venue exposure and player participation and will work with you to promote the available times at your venues.
I'm worried about GDPR. Can you help?
MyLocalPitch is fully compliant for GDPR and are advised by data security specialists, making us your perfect GDPR partner. All payments processed are PCI DSS compliant.
Where does MyLocalPitch operate?
MyLocalPitch is currently operating in London, Manchester and Dublin. We will be expanding to new cities in 2018 so please email hello@mylocalpitch.com to register your interest.
How do I get in touch with MyLocalPitch.com?
You can call our team on 0333 300 3478 or email hello@mylocalpitch.com. You can also get in touch with us through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

Still have questions?

No problem, our friendly team will be happy to help.
Please email hello@mylocalpitch.com or call 0333 300 3477.