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Ice or Heat treatment for grassroots sports injuries?

MyLocalPitch is proud to announce a new guest blogging series where we will be speaking with experts to get their advice on a range of hot topics in the grassroots sports booking world.

Ice or Heat treatment for grassroots sports injuries

Whether you’re a seasoned sportsperson or taking up an activity for the first time it’s important to know best practises before you book a pitch, court or facility. This can be diet, training regimes, how to cope with injuries or getting your mind in the right place before that crucial putt, shot or point.

To kick things off we have chatted with Tim Everett – The Pain Guru – who runs the The Bad Back Company

When to use Ice or Heat for Injuries

With over a 1000 MyLocalPitch venues in London and Dublin and several thousand of you playing it’s fair to say that one or two of you might be reaching for the Ice or Heat in response to an injury.

But having spoken with the guys at MyLocalPitch there is all too often confusion about what to use.

So, in order to set the playing field records straight I have put together a short information blog indicating not only whether to use hot or cold but also how to safely use them in response to your sprains and strains, allowing you to reduce your time away from your sporting activities.

When we injure and damage tissue a natural inflammatory process is triggered by the damaged tissue and this is a vital step in your body’s response to the injury and repair process. However, the tissue can quickly become swollen and painful and the application of cold therapy as early as possible after the injury will help to reduce the extent of inflammation and consequent pain that follows.

For further expert advice click HERE.

BY - Tim Everett

20 June 2016