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Top 5-a-side Football Team Names

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Struggling to find a name for your 5-a-side team? Here at MyLocalPitch we have listed our favourite football team names to help when you next find yourself playing 5-a-side football! We have listed the best 5-a-side team name ideas and categorised these puns so you can find your favourite with greater ease!

Current Player Names 

  1. Who wants to be a Mignolet
  2. Cesc in the city
  3. Walking in Memphis Depay
  4. How I Met Your Mata
  5. Kroos Control
  6. Ibe got news for you
  7. Baines on Toast
  8. Egg Fried Reus
  9. Lord of the Ings
  10. Wanyama’s In Pajamas

victor wanyama

 Former Player Names

  1. Murder on Zidane’s Floor
  2. Finding Mido
  3. Neville wears Prada
  4. Too Klose for Comfort
  5. Silence of the Lahms
  6. Alice in Hangeland
  7. Maradonna Kebab
  8. Jimmy Floyd Bottle Bank
  9. We Arbeloa lot of teams
  10. Ji Sung Park the Bus

zinedine zidane

English League Names

  1. Queens Park Strangers
  2. Not so Hotspur
  3. KFC Wimbledon
  4. Bolton Squanderers
  5. Sheffield Thursday
  6. Aston Vanilla
  7. Manchester Obesity
  8. If it ain’t Stoke, don’t fix it
  9. Port Fail
  10. Man-Chest-Hair United

Old Trafford

European League Names

  1. Real Sosobad
  2. Expected Toulouse
  3. Dynamo Chicken Kiev
  4. AC AlittlesilhoutteofMilan
  5. PSV Hangover
  6. Borussia Mönchenflapjack
  7. Pathetico Madrid
  8. Osasuna Or Later
  9. Bayer Neverlosen
  10. Borussia Ya Teeth

Althle Mad Photo

Other Names

  1. Scouting For Goals
  2. ABCDE F.C
  3. Champagne Super Rovers
  4. Ivory Toast
  5. Argentina Turner
  6. Cameroon Diaz
  7. Game of Throw-Ins
  8. Poortugal
  9. Lille Wayne
  10. Hardly Athletic


If you have found the ideal 5-a-side name why use MyLocalPitch to book a pitch and put your team to the test?

BY - Ben Menham

1 March 2018