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Top 5 Disgraceful Cricket Moments

Now cricket is often looked upon as a gentleman’s game played by the most sporting players but actually, diving in to the history, there has been some shocking cricket moments that one can only imagine the sport would rather forget ever happened.

Shane Warne
Shane Warne

Here’s our top 5 most horrific moments in cricket

5. Spot Fixing!

During the fourth test of England vs Pakistan at Lord’s in 2010, Pakistan’s already debatable reputation was about to be tarnished once again. Players Asif and Amir both bowled unusually big no-balls, overstepping by around a foot at times. This caught the attention of some officials and after a sting operation by the News of the World newspaper showing agents counting money and predicting no-balls, the two players were caught and found out. Asif and Amir were subsequently banned and jailed for the incident.

4. Out? Not sure…

A squabble between two of the greatest cricket players to have lived broke out during a match between Australia vs India. The controversial moment happened when Tendulkar was called back to the wicket after he had just been given out. In an astonishing moment the umpire looked at the big screen and changed his decision on the Indian cricket stars fate, sparking fury from Ricky Ponting.

3. I think he’s hit the wrong button!

Australia at it again but this time on the wrong end of the decision in a match against Sri Lanka. With Gilchrist in bat striking a nice shot, a “close” run got the Australian in a sticky situation, forcing the umpire to use the third screen to judge if he had been run out. After analysing the video, which was clearly showing Gilchrist’s bat inside the crease, the third umpire decides to rule against the Aussie! Shocking decision…

2. Hollow victory the a bang

Now there would not be a victory that feels more hollow that this one. Rounding off a good performance by England, a call from Collingwood changed the mood of the game completely. What started as a cheeky run turned into a nightmare for Elliott as he collided with Sidebottom and was consequently run out. Controversy stands as the debate continues to whether Collingwood should have appealed or not… what do you think?

1. Simply known as “the most disgraceful moment in cricket”

This could really only go to one person, Trevor Chappell. What a way to destroy a match and bring the game into disrepute. With one simple underarm bowl, Chappell sparked fury across the cricketing world.

BY - Marc Agate

16 July 2015