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Tennis Elbow – The Myths Explained

As Wimbledon fever gets into full swing the demand for tennis court bookings hots up too. London is blessed with a huge selection of tennis facilities and check out our dedicated page to find and book.


Ace info on tennis elbow

Defeat tennis below

For our second instalment of our guest blogging series we spoke with Tim Everett again – The Pain Guru – who runs the The BadBack Company – about the terrible tennis elbow: 

Tennis Elbow – The Myths Explained

Well it was almost inevitable that with the start of Wimbledon someone would mention Tennis Elbow. I had good chat with a couple of the Tennis aficionados at MyLocalPitch to raise a question or two about the tricky subject matter.

So what is Tennis elbow and what are your treatment options?

Tennis Elbow

Right Arm Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is technically know as Lateral Epicondylitis or Tendinopathy.

It is a term used to describe pain to the outside bony part of your elbow where the muscles that control your hand and fingers attach. Medical experts will often refer to this as Lateral Epicondylitis because the extensor muscles of your forearm that attach to your lateral epicondyle have become inflamed causing you pain and tenderness.

Common Symptoms:

Tenderness to the lateral epicondyle.
Pain to the outside (lateral epicondyle) bony part of your elbow.
The pain can also radiate down the muscles of your forearm towards your hand.
Pain that is made worse by gripping, twisting & clenching type actions of the hand & wrist.

More information can be found HERE.

BY - Tim Everett

1 July 2016