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Players You’d Love to Have In Your Five-a-side Team


Have you ever been struggling in your five-a-side team and wished you had a professional footballer to help you out? We’ve come up with a team of players whose unique talents and characteristics would make them ideal for the small-sided game.

You’d be lucky to have any of these players in your five-a-side team.


Manuel Neuer – Goalkeeper

This guy epitomises one of the key components of five a side football – rush goalies. We’ve all got those friends who, when playing in goal, will spend more time outside of the area than in it and Neuer would be just this kind of player. We’ve seen on numerous occasions that he loves to get a taste of outfield action at every available opportunity in regular 11-a-side matches so just think of what he could do on a 5-a-side pitch. He’d be coming of his line during every attack and would be ready and waiting to charge down any attackers trying to get through on goal.


Pepe – Defender

Every 5-a-side team needs a proper no-nonsense defender and no one fits the bill better than Pepe. The Portuguese centre back is well-known for his tough tackling and that’s exactly what you’d want in your 5-a-side team. An opponent would have to be mad to take on or attempt to dribble past Pepe for fear of having their legs broken.


Roy Keane – Midfielder

This man would strike fear into the hearts of your opponents. It is essential that you have at least one player in your team that will back you up in any situation should a disagreement arise on the pitch. There’s no need to check with Patrick Vieira to know that Roy can strike fear into opponent. If there was a dubious foul awarded against your team then you could be sure Roy’s unique powers of persuasion would get the decision overturned.


Dirk Kuyt – Striker

Dirk may not have much flair but this man will put in a shift for your team. When it’s near the end of the match and you need some extra energy and determination, Kuyt won’t stop. He’s a tireless and loyal worker who will do whatever is required of him. You can be sure that he’d never miss a game all season. He’s also got great goalscoring instincts and will follow up every single shot or rebound.


Mario Balotelli – Wherever he feels like

We’ve all got friends who are like Mario. Whenever they receive the ball they’ll either turn and shoot or attempt to take on the entire team by themselves. More often than not the stepovers and outrageous tricks won’t come off but every once in a while they will dribble past every single player and score an absolute worldie. We’ve seen Mario attempt many a failed trick in his time but you know he’s capable of great things.

If reading this blog has made you feel like playing some 5-a-side football then be sure to find your nearest pitch by clicking here!

BY - Owen Holland

26 August 2015