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MyLocalPitch nominated for Sports Tech Award

MyLocalPitch shortlisted for Best Technology to Promote Participation

The 2016 Sports Tech Awards launched to celebrate the best players in the industry all the way from disruptive start-ups to well-established corporations. Central London’s Brewery venue will host the prestigious event that is being judged by a top panel including former track star Marlon Devonish.

2016 Sports Tech Awards

MyLocalPitch launched two years ago to enable people to search and book sports venues online. The existing process was laborious so the concept was hatched to streamline the process to boost grassroots sports participation and the ease of managing sports venues.

The company works with the finest providers of sports venues in London and Dublin, who have the best pitches, courts and other sports facilities.

MyLocalPitch provides booking software and marketing services for venues as well as providing a web and mobile platform for sports players to search and book pitches.

An app launched in November last year to let users search and book sports venues on the move to further simplify the process.

This is the first app of its kind providing a search and booking portal for grassroots sports. Half of MLP’s users come from mobile and tablet devices so it’s always been the intention to create a simple product that allows users to find and book sport on the move.

The MLP app allows users to compare prices, search for their favourite surfaces, and book indoor venues. It also lets users search for pitches near wherever they are using geo-location.

In total there are 17 categories and to find out more details on the event visit sportstechnologyawards.com.

BY - Will Chrimes

24 February 2016