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MyLocalPitch’s Halloween Football XI

Halloween is just around the corner, and the football season is really hotting up, so in honour of this spookiest of holidays we’ve put together a scarily bad Halloween football scream team. We can’t wait for Gary Deville and Jamie Carragrrr to commentate on this one. All we need is Howard CobWebb to referee. You’re in for a treat…

Halloween XI

In between the ghoulposts we’ve got Maarten SKELETONberg of Everton. This is the first season at Everton for the Dutch goalcreeper but we have faith in his ability to be the backbone of our team.

Laurent KoSPELLny is leading the defensive line for our Halloween XI. Arsenal’s hexcellent start to the season and his command of the team have us convinced they’re all under his spell too.

Phil BONES can be seen making bone crunching tackles in the heart of our defense, so watch out if he has a bone to pick with you.

Ramiro Funes GORY‘s filling any bleeding holes in defense, and he’s up for a blood curdling challenge if it’s called for.

Pablo ZOMBIEleta has had few grave moments at Manchester City, winning the Premier League title twice. He’s making fewer appearances this season but he’s not being left for dead just yet.

Marc AlFRIGHTon’s form last season was certainly frightening, but after the high of winning the league, this season’s table makes scary reading for Leicester fans.

RaSCREAM Sterling definitely strikes fear into the heart of opposing defenses. They’ll be quaking in their football boots at the sight of our attacking line up.

Sofiane FeGHOULi is a nailed on starter for our Halloween scream team. We expect him to ghost past defenders on his way to setting up our front three.

Zlatan IbrahimoWITCH is part of our attacking line up. He hasn’t scored in his last five Premier League appearances but it’s only a matter of time before he brushes off the cobwebs and gets back to his terrifying best.

Romelu SPOOKaku has been a consistent threat, carrying on his excellent form from last season. He’ll be scoring plenty of ghouls between now and May.

Sergio ASCAREo completes our starting helleven, and what an attacking force we have. His skullful displays will have defenders hiding behind the sofa.

Our team wouldn’t be complete without a tactical wizard at the helm, so Neil Warlock can be the only choice to manage our team. We can’t wait to tear up the turf at the Stadium of Fright.

On the bench:

CASPER Schmeichel
AlHEXis Sanchez
Ricky van WEREWOLFswinkel
And finally… Wayne BOOney

If you’d like to test out your own starting XI, MyLocalPitch has plenty of choice when it comes to football pitches in and around London so check out some venues on our football page.

BY - Emilie Adib

28 October 2016