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Get fit and improve your game with TennisFIT

Introducing… TennisFIT! The only tennis training provider to combine technical on court tennis coaching with a tennis specific fitness program – all in one session.


TennisFIT is the first provider to run on court sessions in the presence of both an LTA accredited tennis coach and REP’s registered fitness coach.

This unique concept is guaranteed to take your game to the next level. So let’s discuss why you too should get TennisFIT!

Reason I: Skip the gym & get fit on-court

Bored of the same gym routine and short on time? TennisFIT classes combine both technical tennis coaching with a bespoke fitness program – both taken place on-court to save on time and expensive gym memberships, as well as keeping training fun and social.

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Reason II: Improve tennis technique & efficiency on-court

TennisFIT classes are focused around improving individual tennis technique. Right down from which grip to use, to how to incorporate proper movement patterns to improve timing and power generation.

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Reason III: Reduce risk of injury

Every TennisFIT session begins with a proper warm up – including mobilisation of joints, activation of key muscles and movement preparation for the session ahead. A thorough warm-down is also implemented, featuring targeted stretching and muscle release.

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Reason IV: Increase strength, speed & power

TennisFIT’s on-court drills focus around proper strength, speed and power training. Giving you the strength to execute shots, the speed to reach that impossible ball and the power to hit the perfect winner.

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Reason V: Weight loss and health

TennisFIT sessions ensure that you’re never stood still! Whether it’s running for a ball, performing a squat or working on your core muscles – TennisFIT has it all. In one session you will burn around 1000 calories, not to mention the afterburn.

So get on court with TennisFIT now to improve your game, become stronger, fitter and faster, and burn those extra calories as an added bonus.

Check out TennisFIT and book onto your first session, use FIRSTFREE and try first session for free.

BY - Will Chrimes

17 March 2017