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Defining Moment: Squash

Squash is a game that requires great skill, speed, supreme fitness and is widely considered by many as one of the fastest and demanding sport. In 2003, it was even  ranked by Forbes magazine as the number one healthiest sport. At MyLocalPitch, we take a look back at squash and the defining moment that has made Squash what it is today.

Boys of Harrow School

Squash began life in the 19th century at Harrow School, located just outside of London.

Originally called “Squash Racquets” to distinguish it from the game of racquets, history has it that younger pupils who could not compete with older boys for space to play the more traditional game of “Racquets” invented their own game using a soft “squashable” ball. Instead of using a hard ball as used in Racquets, the boys of Harrow used a soft ball which squashed against the back wall making the game slower and easier to play.

The rest, as they say, was history. Soon the game quickly evolved from a combination of racquets and fives, gaining huge popularity along the way and it was not long before Squash started making its way across the globe across America, Europe and Asia.

 Wide Acceptance of Squash

Today, Squash has changed significantly and is played across the world by sports enthusiasts of all ages. It features regularly in the Commonwealth, Asian and Pan-American games as well as a world circuit tour for professional players.

Squash has evolved in leaps and bounds and although Squash has changed in terms of the equipment, speed and pace of the game, In its defining moment, we have a group of boys to thank for their creativity and giving the world one a hugely popular sport.


BY - Kritt Normsaskul

16 December 2014