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Defining Moment: A Record Breaking Jonny Wilkinson

Jonny Wilkinson set a new world record for the number of points scored on this day in 2009.

After the match against Argentina at Twickenham, Wilkinson had scored 1,052 points for England, overtaking Neil Jenkins of Wales who set a record on the 1st November 2002. The game vs Argentina was one of mixed emotions, while Wilkinson set a historic personal record, Englands’ performance was a more forgettable one. England were held at 9-9 until nine minutes from time when neanderthal winger Matt Banahan scored a try to seal the game.

Jonny Wilkinson in 2009

Despite this being a huge achievement, some fans took Wilkinsons new record with a pinch of salt as he had already broken this record a year before on 8th March, if you include his points scored for the British Lions.

Wilkinsons’ started his career at Newcastle School of Rugby as an inside centre, where he was competing for a place with international veterans such as Inga Tuigamala and British Lion Alan Tait. After breaking in to the team and being a prominent fixture Wilkinson went on to win the 1997-1998 Allied Dunbar Premiership title, Wilkinson was then brought into the 2008 England Test Squad in March.

Jonny Wilkinson went from strength to strength in the sport with one of his finest and most famous moments being the drop goal against Australia, which won England the World Cup. At this point, Jonny proved himself as national hero and placed himself firmly in the public spotlight.

After what can be dubbed as an extremely successful career at Newcastle, Wilkinson then moved to Toulon, fluent in french he fit in immediately and is now recognised a leader, key player and hero.

Wilkinson is not only one of the best players to have played the game but an exceptional ambassador for the sport whom respected by colleagues and fans worldwide.

BY - Marc Agate

14 November 2014